Unlock financial empowerment with Winvest Collective's expert touch! Online Financial Projection Tool is created by seasoned finance educators, tailored for women and offers a friendly peek into spending habits and expert guidance for sculpting a savvy financial future.

UX Design
Visual assets
UI Design
Figma, Photoshop
As a Product Designer, my mission was to create a delightful user journey, emphasizing the projection of potential financial outcomes across four key categories: Investment, Savings, Pension, and Real estate. I ensured the user's focus remained centered on the enjoyable experience of experimenting with the projector, while including some subtle educational and marketing references. I also made the tool's visual aesthetics in sync with the company's style: reflecting the energy of young, fun, and confident women.
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Focusing on Speaker
Narratives and Themes

Collaborating closely with the WinvestCollective team, I interpreted the project's objectives to devise user-friendly design solutions. We harmoniously integrated functionality, user interaction, and educational elements, resulting in the development of a highly approachable Tool. The interactive features were meticulously crafted to streamline the financial planning process, empowering users to adjust variables and instantly observe the effects on their projections. The inclusion of educational components was pivotal to align the tool with the company's mission. Strategically placed interactive pop-ups, tooltips, and infographics offered users concise financial insights as they navigated through the tool. This not only fostered synergy between the tool and the company's offerings but also served as a subtle marketing strategy, organically promoting the company's courses.