Flinks rocks as a fintech game-changer in Canada! They help businesses with smooth digital onboarding, clever risk modelling, and mind-blowing insights into financial data.

Creative Direction
Social Media Campaigns
Sketch, Photoshop, Wacom, Illustrator
Shaping Flinks' Brand Identity
My contributions to Flinks was shaping its brand identity, creating compelling web designs, developing impactful promotional materials, and crafting various ad campaigns. I dedicated myself to creating a unified and captivating visual story that harmonized with Flinks' essence and audience. This involved delving deep into the company's values, vision, and audience, translating these insights into a distinct brand personality. By creating a multitude of visuals, I created a consistent and engaging representation of Flinks across all platforms.
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Focusing on Speaker
Narratives and Themes

The biggest difficulty in establishing the brand identity for Flinks was creating a personality to technical tool - the data transfer network they provide. Balancing the complexity of powering fintech and digital finance tools with the vibrant energy of the company's team posed a unique challenge. Creative process involved lots of brainstorming, sketching out drafts, experimenting with color schemes, and playing with various visual elements. It wasn’t just focusing on aesthetics but also explaining the technical processes into clear and engaging illustrations. I was aiming at making the images both informative and visually appealing. Collaboration is key throughout this journey, as I worked closely with the team to refine and adjust the designs based on their input.