Lemonpie is a Podcast PR agency. With passion and a human-centric approach, they create campaigns that make brands shine, spark engagement, and build meaningful connections.

Brand Identity
Social media
Website Design
Figma. Photoshop. After Effects. Wacom Cintiq Pro
Leading Brand Identity Creation Through Strategic Design
In my role as a designer, I led the creation of a new brand identity. Through strategic design decisions encompassing color schemes, typography, photos and visual assets, I crafted a cohesive visual language that reflected the company's personality. This initiative strengthened the brand's online presence and ensured a consistent and impactful identity across various digital platforms.
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Focusing on Speaker
Narratives and Themes

Working on Lemonpie's brand identity and website was dynamic and collaborative. We explored the brand's essence, values, and personality to create a distinctive visual identity with playful colors, bold fonts, and eye-catching images. Design sessions helped refine these ideas into an energetic and authentic brand style. This vibrant narrative extended to the website, ensuring the user interface reflected the brand's character. The delivered brand guide was easy, flexible, and friendly, allowing Lemonpie's team to expand and enhance the brand vibe across all marketing channels.